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The UK Boarding School Exhibition Nigeria

If like many families living in West Africa you are considering a UK boarding school for your children, there is no better place to start than the UK Boarding School Exhibition.  This well-established and highly regarded event is a good starting point in your search for the best school for your child.  It will give you the opportunity to talk to heads and representatives of up to 20 UK boarding schools, find out what the schools have to offer, the many opportunities available and what boarding life is really like.


Meet heads and representatives of top
UK boarding schools in Lagos
UK boarding school delegates visit
Abuja in March and October
Find out what is special and unique
about our UK schools

Well Established & Highly Regarded

Anderson Education and Mark Brooks Education are working together to ensure that families living and working in Nigeria are receiving the best possible help and advice in selecting a UK Boarding School. Our Education Consultants are available at the Exhibitions to talk to you and offer advice and guidance.

The UK Boarding School Exhibition visits Lagos and Abuja in March and October each year. We all want to provide the best education for our children to ensure that they reach their potential academically, provide the foundation for future success and above all are happy!

The benefits of a UK Boarding School Education are:

  • Britain offers the best education in the world
  • Academically strong
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Extra-curricular activities and sport
  • Progression to universities world wide
Student Focus
I really like the community environment at this school...
Added: 2018-05-09   |  Tags:  student focus
I was pleased when I found out I could chose the subjects I wanted to study at GCSE as in Nigeria you don’t have the choice. Joining in Year 8 meant that I studied every subject so...

I am extremely grateful for this opportunity...
Added: 2018-05-09   |  Tags:  student focus
I moved to the UK in 2014, initially, my parents and I were interested in the A Level qualification, but Mr Buchanan, the Principal visited Nigeria for a UK Boarding School Exhibition.

Boarding: things and people that form a different sort of home in my heart.
Added: 2018-05-09   |  Tags:  student focus
I was sitting underneath a mango tree when I decided to leave Ghana for boarding school. I had decided that I had become overly comfortable in my everyday lifestyle, and that in order for...

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